4 Mobile Advertising Channels for User Acquisition


Researches show that more than 80% of time spent in smart phones are allocated to mobile apps Because of this huge consumption, there are more than 5 million apps in app stores.  If you also have an app on Google Play or App Store, you are aware of that it is not easy compete in this mass. Gartner says that, through 2018, only 0.01 percent of mobile apps will be considered as financially successful. So you need to find successful ways that have a higher ROI than others. Mobile advertising channels are one of these ways that help developers and startups to reach the success that imagine. But there are a lot of channels that can easily confuse you. This is why, here are the most efficient mobile advertising channels for mobile app user acquisition.


  • Non-Incentivized Banners & Interstitial Ads: You probably come across the ads that appeared when you pause the game and covered all the screen. Yes, these are interstitial ads! Another type of ad is that you can easily see at the top or bottom of the screen while you are using an app. These are banner ads! These two type of ads are efficient and commonly used ad types to acquire engaged and qualified users for startups and developers.
  • Mobile Video Ads: Researches shows that, in 2017, budgets allocated for mobile video ads will increase. This shows how important and effective mobile video ads are. It gives your app an opportunity to go viral and reach as much users as possible. Don’t forget to allocate budget for mobile video ads in 2017 to reach success.
  • Native Ads: As it states, “Native mobile ads can take the form of in-app advertisements and this requires a different form of search optimization than when you are using google or other social media platforms.” It is one of the popular mobile advertising channels for mobile apps to increase mobile user acquisition. If you want to increase your user base with qualified users, you can consider native mobile ads.
  • Boost Campaigns: A boost/burst campaign is an effective user acquisition channel that brings fast results in a very short time span. It helps startups and developers to rank at the top of any category in order to reach their audience and even go viral. A successful boost campaign also increases your organic downloads with qualified and engaged users.

As you can see, there are a lot of effective mobile ad types that you can get benefit to increase your app downloads. However, it is always hard for an developers and startups to advertise his mobile app in the most efficient way without in-depth mobile advertising knowledge. This is why you need to keep up with the trends and improvements in mobile marketing and mobile advertising fields. For this, you can follow App Samurai blog.

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