6 Easy Home Improvements Tips To Save Money


The winter’s polar vortex is descending upon many folks in the Northern Hemisphere and with wallets short due to holiday spending (did anyone else’s kids want $60 Hatchimals?) we could all use some quick tips on how to save a few bucks.

We have asked several home remodeling contractors their top tips for homeowners to conserve heat and help save money on their energy bills this season.

Here are 6 easy home improvements homeowners should consider which can help them save money this winter. Plus – you don’t have to be an expert to make these simple improvements:

1.) Caulk around doors, windows, and seal up any holes, cracks, or replace weather stripping. Not only will this help keep your home toasty and your heating bill down, it also prevents critters like mice from entering your house to escape the blistering cold. Because there is nothing worse than a cold home and unwanted holiday visits.

2.) Put down area rugs on wood, tile, marble and laminate floors. This soft layer acts as a DIY insulation. Dress up your floors with holiday runners. Not only will your house feel more festive but the rugs will make it more comfortable on your bare tootsies.

3.) Cover holes around electrical outlets. To discover holes around electrical units, place your hand around the outlet. If you feel cool air then you are losing air through the outlet and in essence losing money through those units. You can buy covers that you install behind the outlet plate – so you won’t even notice the covers are there – except when you get your heating bill.

4.) Ever notice that odd switch on your ceiling fan? This is actually a reverse switch. Running a fan counterclockwise makes a room cooler as the fan pull warm air up out of the room. Reversing a fan to run clockwise will circulate the warm air back down into the room.

5.) Change your furnace filter. Not only does this prevent you from breathing in dust and dirt particles, but a dirty filter makes the furnace work less efficiently causing it to run longer and harder to warm your house. Change the filter monthly during the winter season to ensure a smooth and clean heat flow throughout your entire home.

6.) Wrap a blanket or towel around your water heater. Put that ugly Snuggie to work by wrapping it around your water heater. This will help the water in the tank stay warm longer and therefore allow the water heater to actively work to heat the water less frequently. Saving you not only time but also helping you avoid fights with your teenagers who seem to use up all the hot water before it’s your turn.

Interested in other ways you can save money through home improvements? Check out this comprehensive list of kitchen countertops options that can save you money not only in upfront costs but also help heat your house!

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