Basic Typing Keys and Tips

A best typing course for children will teach your kid all the routinely utilized letters, numbers & punctuation. Here are the most essential computer key-board keys they need to master when learning how to type.

Space bar

This key helps make a space. Use your thumbs.

Enter key

This keyboard key moves the curser to the next line.

Shift keys

These keyboard keys capitalize the letter or type the symbol displayed in the upper section of the key. Use the opposite hand side to use the shift key.

Caps lock

This keyboard key locks in the shift key that capitalizes the letters, but does not impact the numbers or punctuations.


These keyboard keys move the curser in the direction we are looking for.


This key removes either the print out to the right of the curser or the outlined area.


This key places text to the right of the curser. When the keyboard key is terminated (press insert/delete) it will remove as you type.


This key helps moves the curser to the starting of that line of text.


This key helps moves the curser to the ending of that line of text.


These signs are found above the 9 and 0. To open up the parenthesis the left hand shift key is struck & at the same time the 9 is struck, and to close the parenthesis hold the left hand shift key depressed & strike 0.


This symbol is found when you shift your right small finger from; to the right to find ‘.

Quotation Marks

This mark is found when left shift keyboard key is depressed & the apostrophe is struck.

A excellent typing course will help your kid remember those computer key-board keys in a fun, simple way.

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