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We still remember the time when parents entertained their kids with cartoons like The Mask, Swat cats, captain planet, Tom and Jerry on television. Now the modern world has entirely changed the concept of entertainment and parenting. It is the time of android smartphones and the digital world. Young kids and teens are obsessed with the modern technology and even parents are helpless and they have to buy costly gadgets for their adolescents and for pre-adults. The modern technological world has been made the general public totally dependent on it. Therefore, young kids and teens have cell phone devices on their hands and do magical things when it is connected to the social networking.  However, these magical devices may create dozens of problems for young kids and teens such as depression, anxiety, stress, behavior changes, and lack of cognitive growth in younger generations. There are following some of the activities on which teenagers do activities which may create a mess for parents.

 Frequent Messaging:

When teens seem always busy in frequent text messaging while in the home, on roads and within the streets and without bothering what is coming in their way. The most threating situation when young teens do text messaging behind the wheels while driving. Parents can set a parental control on all the dangerous habits of their young children through spy on messages of Android parental control app. It allows you to spy on all types of messages such as text messages spy, MMS, iMessage monitoring, BBM chat messages and Heads up ticker Notification.

Social Networking:

Young teenagers are very familiar with the social networking websites and messengers such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Viber, Whatsapp and many others alike. Teens and young kids are used to of posting comments, videos, chatting, group chatting and others and don’t realize whom they are talking too. Sometimes cases have occurred in which stalkers trapped young kids and teens through instant messengers by viewing the profiles of young and innocent kids and teens. Therefore, parents need to look after all the activities which their children have done on the instant messaging apps. Parents can easily set a parental control on all the IM’s social media through TheOneSpy android cell phone parental software.

Browsing Activities:

Most of the youngsters who have the privilege to have an android cellphone device connected to the internet visit some kinds of content which their parents don’t allow them. They view pornographic content on their mobile devices and finally got addiction, resultantly they may get some serious health issues which may remain long lasted in their personalities. Therefore, it is dire need to set parental control on their inappropriate activities through the internet. A parent can make a check and balance through browsing activities of the android parenting app. It allows parents to browsing history logs, all bookmarked websites and plenty of other activities.

Online Games:

It is also very common trend that teens and kids play online video games on their android mobile phones such as super Mario run, Apollo justice and Disney cross road and dozens of others. Playing online video games on smartphones gadgets does not make any issues, but an obsession with the online games can create muscle issues, eye side weakness, depression, and many others problems. So, parents always keep an extra eye on their young kids and teens all day long. TheOneSpy kids monitoring software allow parents to view installed applications through remotely phone controller. It empowers parents to view installed apps, device lock and unlock remotely, set monitoring preferences and blocking the internet remotely.

Cyber Bullying:

Bullying in real life and bullying online have the same effects on young kids and teens. When teens use their smartphones and share videos and photos on instant messengers, semi-nude photos of their private parts they get bullied online. It is the only one aspect of cyberbullying which may happen through file sharing in the shape of snaps, but it can be happened through chatting, messaging on social media websites, and lack of privacy on the social media accounts. So, parents have to use all the best possible attributes of TOS mobile parenting software such as view multimedia files, phone activities, bug their phone, keystrokes and many others.


The cell phone parenting app has the state of the art features which would be helpful for parents to do parenting more accurately and easily. So, get the parenting software and secure your young kids and teens no time ever before.

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