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How many of us have dreamed of being the next Arnold Palmer or for that matter, Bill Murray? How about going to our favorite courses and dominate the links? Getting that eagle on a par 5? Well with the introduction of the best golf swing analyzer and all it offers to expand your game and allow for lower scores on the courses of your choice. Heck, you can even get your tee time set up so you aren’t having to wait to play through. The smart phone apps offer you the ability to have fly overs of the course you are playing on, the local courses schedule before you walk out the door of the house, or even give you a virtual caddy you need for picking your next club.


Picture it; you are on a course that your buddy has invited you to go a quick round of 9 with him. He just moved to the area and you have never been to the town or on this course before. Of course this is your buddy and longtime rival on the green. You don’t want him to beat you just because you have never played here before. Why not pull out the smart phone and give yourself a leg up? See what these holes are going to offer before you even tee up. You will know where each needs to go before you take your swing. Within no time you are giving that friendly rival a run for his money.

What happens when it is your day off and you only have from 2 o’clock in the afternoon until 5 to get a quick round in. You don’t want to get an excited and head out to the greens only to find they are book solid and there will be no way to get that quick round in. Had you looked on your smart phone to see tee time before leaving you could have avoided the disappointment all together. You may have even booked the tee time two days prior so you knew before you woke up that day you would be on the back 9 by 3:30.

Ok, so now you are on a par 5 and your first shot was drilled at a massive 278 yards. You want to get on the green in two so you can make that eagle putt. You still have 248 yards to make green. What club do you use? Will the 1 iron or the 2 iron carry better in this wind? Is it going to be a fast green or just stop dead on the edge? Well pull out the phone and let it figure the distance for you. Let it pick the club that is best suited to your swing. Soon you will be in that green just feet from that eagle putt you have always dreamed of.

Smart phones sure have advanced us in so many ways. When it comes to connecting with friends to shoot a round to where the best courses in your area are. They will, if used properly, give an advantage Arnold Palmer could only dream about. It will give you more chances of getting on the fairways and less chance of swinging from the rough. Within no time you will be getting more birdies and more pars.

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