CHARMINLY How to organize your holiday in 4 clicks

Are you looking for authenticity and passion and want to make an authentic Italian experience? Do you want to discover the treasures of the Belpaese ?

Just click on

Charminly is not a website but a beautiful colorful world

Arts, Culture, History, Flavours, Nature, Traditions, no matter what property you
choose, you will find plenty of information regarding its territory

Do you want to know what villages and towns, what castles or churches there are to visit
in the territory of the property you just choose?

Click on the Arts & Culture Icon – at the bottom of each property page and you will get a quick idea of what to see in the territory

Do you want to know what wines you can drink, what is produced and what typical dishes you can taste?

Click on Old time Flavours and you will learn it

Are you planning a sportive holiday and you want to know whether you can do trekking or go biking around the area?

Click on Nature and outdoor activities and you will find all the beauties that nature offers in the area and what activities you can do while there

Last but not least, do you want to learn when the most beautiful, colorful festivals, traditions and historical commemorations take place in a specific area?

Just click on Celebrations and Traditions and you will discover it

Charminly offers you not only the possibility to have a quick idea of what to see, eat, drink
and do during your holiday but also to learn more about all these subjects

In Charminly blog you will find in depth articles, descriptions and pictures of the beautiful villages, the different dishes, feasts and festivals each territory offers you

The Italian cultural heritage has no equal: besides the world famous masterpieces, sculptures, paintings, cathedrals, churches, museums, palaces, castles, while travelling around the boot, you will be surprised to spot here and there incredible parish churches, convents, palaces, little hamlets on the top of a hill, and amazing artworks in the most unexpected places

The variety of the Italian landscape is great: lakes, mountains, plains, hills, sandy beaches, rocky coasts, wineyards, olive tree groves, wheat fields, orchads, flowers, wherever you will look at, you will only see beauty
Discover the immense variety of food and wine that Italy offers:
travelling around you will taste different wines, types of bread, cheese, sweets, different ways of cooking pasta, and above all different dishes, reflecting the products that particular territory produces
Last but not least, dive into the colors, sounds, flavours and sensations the enchanting festivals and feasts offer you around the country during the year

Historical commemorations that for a day allow you to go back to the past, enjoy old time games and be surrounded by beautiful historical costumes, sounds and smells of the past

Food country festivals, attracting thousands of local people and proposing the most unexpected tasty typical food and more, carnivals and music festivals,

Italy is a chest full of treasures, discover them with us!

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