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The most fun thing in the world you can do is to dress a cosplay costume. The geek inside of you will love you for this, especially putting on his favorite character from anime. Cosplay is a broad term but it includes a subculture of enthusiasts that love to put on costumes and fashion accessories to imitate a specific character. Having such a variety and a large community you can meet like-minded individual and attend events across the world or close to your hometown city, these events are just so fun to be at.

Fan conventions and other dedicated conventions attract to these events actors, writers and people from different movie casting. It may vary the time of the show appearance, the cast from Star Trek comes pretty often at this convention since the fan base is huge. Get free inspiring speeches and interact with the biggest fans. In cosplay, any interpretation can be a subject and it’s not unusual to see genders switched.

Best sources are manga and anime, also comic books and cartoons, even video games and live-action films. This phenomenon has an increasingly rapid growth in the number of people that do this as a hobby ever since the 90s has made a big impact in Japan and other parts of Asia, but now it’s a big thing in the western world too.

The term cosplay means costume and play and the term was originally used by Nobuyuki Takahashi while attending a Science Fiction Convention. Cosplay is different from Halloween and mardi gras, it’s intention is to replicate exactly characters, rather than to reflect general culture or symbolism. They often adopt the body language, speech, and effect of their characters, making it for the play part in cosplay itself.

Let’s take a look at a metal gear solid costume, the kind of heavy duty costume in which you can take the skin and uniform of soldiers, battle dress, sneaking suit or even ironman. This usually is a bit more expensive, varying from 250$ – 600$ but you get all the gear such as bodysuit, belt, pouches, gloves, suspender, leg holster depending on your preferred character. Naked snake has lots of different camouflage with metal gear solid vest and much more. If you don’t find all the necessary parts to build your favorite character, there are tons of places on the internet to buy each resembling accessories, such as a watch, microphone, shades or even the matching boots.

Cosplayers obtain their costumes through different methods, but the main ones are searching on the internet. Manufacturers produce and sell direct packages of outfits, but the levels of quality differ. For a metal gear solid costume it’s a bit hard to find exactly the fitting type, not to mention it might be heavy to carry. Japanese manufacturers of cosplay costumes reported making a profit of almost 300 million $ just in 2008, and since then the popularity of it grew exponentially.

Authenticity is the main factor on performing a great character, in this, you really must commit and have an empathy for your characters life story and bring the best out of him. Sometimes although you play a great role, it’s hard to replicate certain aspects of your costume so it’s necessary to use custom made textiles, facepaint or even woodworking or iron bending. For certain characters, especially the manga Japanese ones, cosplayers wear wigs to improve the resemblance of their character. These characters have unnaturally colored hair and unique hair style. Contact lenses matching the color of their characters are also a common form of cosplaying Japanese anime for characters that have particularly unique eyes that makes their trademark look much more authentic.


With all of this, cosplay is one of the most interesting subculture phenomenon out there and definitely worth trying because it’s so much fun and the events are pure awesomeness.

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