Everyone favorite Keurig travel mug

Mostly people love the traveling mug and always keeps with them because it makes them feel comfortable and safe while drinking.

Keurig travel mug is best and available at keurig.com. They are specially designed to give you strength and quality that the user expect.

Keurig best travel mug that fits under the keurig, coffee maker:

If you have a keurig coffee maker, then you know that not all sized normal mug comes beneath it. Not only the openings are small they also will not fill the mug with coffee because keurig coffee maker doesn’t make much coffee. They don’t make enough to fill normal 12, 16 oz mugs. Good travel mug for a keurig coffee machine is the small travel mug that is not designed to hold large quantities of liquid. The best travel mug size is 14 ounces, or between 10 to 12 would be the best.

Here is some keurig travel mug:

Contigo or keurig travel mug:

Contigo travel mug is officially keurig travel mug. This traveler mug is 14 ounces. It is short, and due to its shortness, it can fit in the coffee machines. The mug is high travel coffee mug that will keep the coffee hot for a long time. It has no chance of spills and leaks.

Stainless steel travel mug:

This has doubled wall stainless steel construction. It had auto-seal lid technology that keeps your drink fresh. It also has vacuumed insulated technology. This stainless steel travel mug keeps the beverages hot up to 4 hours and cold for 12 hours. Keurig stainless steel travel mug fits under all keurig reservoir brewers.

Keurig 1203002 oz stainless steel travel mug:

This keurig travel mug has the 12oz capacity with room for milk and cream. The outer wall of stainless steel and the inner wall of plastic. Keurig travel mug is air tight. It had a flip top lid and had hand holding grip. Safe lid for dishwasher and body wash only with hand. It is designed especially for the coffee maker.

Keurig 14oz travel mug:

Keurig 14oz is the red color stainless steel travel mug. It is now available with an easy clean lid. Doubled wall stainless steel with vacuum insulated.

Keurig 12oz travel mug:

12 oz keurig travel mug is doubled ceramic wall construction. Available for a limited time is a best travel mug.

14oz faceted keurig travel mug:

Mug for convenience and style. Built with durability to handle. This mug fits perfectly under the keurig brewers. It is unique and geometric designed. 14oz capacity, doubled wall stainless steel with vacuum sealed. It is air tight with a flip top lid. Many people prefer this keurig travel mug.

Keurig rose quartz colored travel mug:

This has the 12oz capacity. It is doubled walled ceramic construction that keeps the beverages best in the tasting. It also has rubber suction lid with the sliding closure for heat retention. This mug is safe for the dishwasher and microwave.

These are some types of keurig travel mug available. Many people buy them because of its good quality and easy to handling them.

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