Exploring cities: Mirleft, Morocco

Going to Morocco is the best thing you can do, there are many activities you can do here and the most shocking part is that nobody seems to know that. We all know why Morocco is famous for: Sahara Desert, camels, culture, Arabic people among other things. The fact is that many people ignore that this country has many other things to offer and nobody seems to know that. Did you know in this country you find one of the highest mountains in South Africa? Did you know there is a city that is similar to one country in Europe? Did you know that you can find the kindest people here? I am sure you did not know about it. There is another thing nobody knows and it deals with surfing. Yes, there are great places here to do surfing and I am pretty sure nobody knows about. So, in this article I will talk you about a city in which you can surf and you can enjoy another activities.

Mirleft is located on the southern Atlantic cost. It is best known for its amazing beaches, rock forms and the great weather. Actually, the best thing about this place is the beach, is great for swimming even in winter and it is also good for surfing. Many tourists instead of going to Marrakech or Fez go to this place people from Europe love coming here.

This place attracts tourists who love surfing, fishing, trekking, taking a bath in the beach, or just sit on the sand and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. It is definitely the best option if you like calm places and you will not get bothered by sellers like in the Medina or the sound of cars.

Here you will find a surfing school and I am sure you did not expect to read that. Yes, you can learn how to surf for an affordable price. Many Moroccans take surfing lessons here and also international surfers take lesson and surf in this beach. If you love looking at people surfing this will definitely be your favorite place to go. One famous school is Biscou Surf School. People have great opinions about this school, they say that instructors are good and kind, they give you clear instructions about what you have to do and they teach you how to surf, then they encourage you to try and it is amazing. Families really enjoy surfing in the wild beach. There are many places to surf, great restaurants to eat and the view is amazing. This should be one of your mandatory places to visit in the Morocco Tour.

In this city you can see a big Spain influence, in the past Morocco was colonized by Spain and here you can look how the Spain influence is still here. Besides history facts and surfing, you can also enjoy doing another activities like horse riding, fishing and trekking. Here you will feel like you were at home, people are nice and king, sometimes it seems that people are more kind here than in other cities of Morocco. They will always tell you good morning and they will be ready to help you.

This beautiful and little city is amazing and it seems hard to believe that it is not well known as other cities like Marrakech or Fez. I think the Tour to Morocco is a great option here, it will show you another part of Morocco that seem to be undiscovered, you will enjoy surfing, you will enjoy looking at the beautiful sea… you will fall in love with the city.

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