How to earn money from gaming

‘I hate playing games’ said no genetically sane boy ever. Gaming, since the first Atari, has been considered the most fascinating form of entertainment; never gets boring, never loses thrill. It’s all about lodging yourself in that super comfy sofa, turning your gaming console on and gaming online all night long without a blink. So, how would you like if you earned through this awesome activity? Would be heaven, won’t it? Well, some people do NOT say the same because too much of something isn’t all it’s turned out to be. It starts up all fun and cool, but there comes a time when you’re doing stuff you don’t even want to.

Anyway, we’re talking about gaming here so if anybody was to get a chance at making money through playing games, they would not turn it down! So, if someone is a pro level gamer and wants to pursue their gaming dream, here are the ways to do it.

eSports tournaments

Electronic Sports, is not recommended for newbies because this fits only the gifted and talented gamers. If you’re anything other than that, then you’ll just be wasting your time. But, if you are one of the god gifted gamers, then you can earn up till thousands of pounds by employing your skills in eTournaments, that are mostly held by Japanese, In Japan. Occasional seasons come in at different times for top ranked gamers to compete in. High end popular games like League of Legends and Starcraft are the mostly used platforms for eTournaments that if won, can make you approximately 4000 pounds richer. Gamers who have already flagged themselves as one of the best are also sponsored by companies that produce gaming peripherals, which pay the gamer huge amounts of money. But remember, only the talented and gifted people have this luxury.

Game Testing

Although this would sound like a cool job, after a certain amount of time this job neither remains fun, nor lucrative. Game manufacturing companies employ experienced gamers to play their games and check it out for bugs and additional changes. This is not your everyday job that starts at 7 in the morning and your done by the evening. Game testing can sometimes long as much as two days, nonstop! And if the game consists of more than the usual amount of seasons, the game tester has to go through an extensive hunt for bugs and glitches. At the end of the day, your eyes have had it, and your butt feels numb.

Sharing what you know

If you’re an experienced killer gamer on legendary games Starcraft or LoL. You can share your knowledge of the game with the gaming world. People would want to know the secret to your winning streak, and would be ready to pay for it online. The most common way to share this knowledge is to write eBooks for sites that are looking for experienced gamer guides like , Amazon, and other buy and sell networks.

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