How To Engage Passive Candidates

LinkedIn has shown a trend of approximately 95% of people looking for work, are not actually actively searching for jobs. These people are considered passive candidates as they are either not looking for work or are looking for work, but not actively applying for any positions. A frustration for employers is that these candidates are usually the ones that are best for the job. In order to find these candidates, you will need to actively seek them out and know how to engage with them once you have found them to ensure you are able to draw their talent into your company, with Precise Target Recruits.Image result for job candidates

Do Not Sell Money, Sell Satisfaction And Growth

For many people, their primary work motivator is the money they can make. However, this is not always the best answer when dealing with passive candidates. A lot of passive candidates already have a job so money is not their primary concern so it is recommended that you take a different approach based on what really motivates the candidate.

You should consider researching to see if there are roadblocks in their current career. If you can offer them a way around these blocks or a means of growing within their career path you will be able to get them interested in your job. This is also a good starting block to further conversations with the candidate.

Write A Better Job Description

In today’s world, people are bombarded with adverts trying to sell them something from a product to a job. When you are writing your job description you should try avoiding the skill and must-have sections instead going for something a little more compelling. You should try listing the ideal qualities you are looking for in a candidate or tell them a little story about the business, brand and company culture. Try telling the candidates what they will learn in the job, the experiences they will have and what tasks they will be doing should they be chosen.

Have Captivating And Interesting Emails

As approximately 60% of people in the country not looking for a job, but being open to a new job being discussed you could have a problem determining which candidates want to talk and which do not. When you communicate with candidates you need to be able to catch the attention of the 60%. The first tip to effective communication is to include the primary motivation of the candidate in the email.

Effectively capturing the candidate’s attention will require some research into them beforehand. If you address something personal to them you are more likely to capture their attention. It will also encourage the candidate to contact you about the job.

Do Not Be A Cold Caller, Be A Networker

Over the years the effectiveness of cold calling has decreased with people responding less and less to this. It is better to get referrals to improve the conversation with candidates and the quality of the candidates you talk to. A passive candidate will be more likely to talk to someone about a job opening if they know they were referred by someone they know. Cold calling may still work with active candidates; you should make at least half of your connections with passive candidates through referrals.

Passive candidates are probably the most challenging candidates to track down, but they are also the most rewarding to place because they are generally perfect for certain roles that you have. The pool of talent available to you is larger than you think because 60% of the workforce is passive and willing to consider a new job. There are many ways that you can get in touch with passive candidates, but you should always consider what their motivators are.

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