How to Get Maximum Benefit from Rowing Machine

How to Get Maximum Benefit from Rowing Machine

Just like a water boat rowing you can use your rowing machine to help you out in your exercise matters. Similarly like water rowing in a boat you needs some sort of speed and power in order to get better exercise but most of all is you need a monitor or LCD to track and save your rowing data. Rowing machine does the same most of the rowing machines comes with LCD, sting, paddles, dampers and easy seats in order to make rowing experience smooth. But most important thing we came to know from rowing machines reviews is that mostly people don’t know how to get maximum benefit from rowing machine. For this we have listed some techniques in the lower section about correct usage of rowing machine.

  1. Don’t forget to adjust damper settings

Before starting the actual rowing its necessary to check the damper settings and adjusting the level according to your requirements. First of all adjust the level to the lower level in order to get easy rowing and making your muscles habitual with rowing and later you can adjust at the higher level when your muscles becomes use to it.

  1. Row with complete body
  2. This is the most common problem found in rowing machine reviews that people don’t row correctly and just move arms. Don’t only row with your arms try to move your whole body like legs and chest movement according to your arms movement. This is a bit of tricky thing adjusting the body movement according to arms but once you get able to do it the results will blow your mind in short time.
  3. Mixing is dangerous too

When you row your whole body and movement of your all muscles might go toward wrong way which can create serious harms to your back and body. So it is necessary to row according to the prescribed pattern. Don’t just row with arms and don’t just rows the whole body too, try to keep a balance between all.

  1. Tightly forcing back to backwards might create problems

Don’t force your back too much or stress it too much to wards back as it will create serious problems for you in the near future. Move your whole body just like you row sitting in a boat in water in a relax mood. It will give chance your muscles to adjust and stressing towards back harms muscles. According to rowing machine reviews people stress their back to get more strength in rowing which is completely wrong.

  1. Finish in correct ways

Try to finish in correct manners and in same style repetitions. Start a row by pulling the sting towards and force the legs to move forward and at the same time use your shoulders and take the sting towards your chest by sitting in a normal position not stretching your back backwards.


You can’t get best result from your rowing machine until you don’t know how to use a rowing machine correctly. We have seen best rowing machine reviews by the users and came to know that mostly people don’t know the correct way to use rowing machine. That’s why we have presented this article to help those who are still unaware.

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