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Technology is something that is growing fairly strongly. On a daily basis, you can discover a lot of new innovations and technological inventions by simply browsing through social media on your computer or your smartphone.

Status of technological things has had a history of quickly turning from a luxury to a necessity. Accessibility to the internet has started as a luxury and has quickly turned into a modern necessity as more and more users rely on its usage for daily actions.

As accessibility to the internet has become easier throughout the years. From a few hundred million in early 2000 to over three billion internet users in 2016. Getting yourself your own website is easier than ever before.

There are several guides available online that show you how to do it. In order to get yourself a “name” on the internet, you have to purchase yourself a TLD. This stands for Top Level Domain and this will be your domain name which will be in the format of “” or “” or “”. A quick search on a search engine for domain registrars will get you to where you should purchase your domain name.

Another important aspect of getting yourself online is to get yourself a “house” on the internet. This is called a hosting company. Reliable hosting companies can make or break your website. A hosting company will essentially be the location where your website resides. There are several different options you can get when choosing a hosting company. But make sure you check hosting reviews before purchasing.

When choosing a solution for your website you have to keep in mind what you would like to display on your website and how many visitors you will be expecting. Keeping in mind that you cannot host a huge party at a shack, there will definitely be potential visitors that will not feel comfortable at your house and will go to another one. (Leaving your website for a competitor).

What the content on your website will be is also very important.

As visitors will only visit your website if the content interests them. With so many different options for visitors to go to it is essential to have content that is worthy of the time of your visitor. One way to deal with content is by using a Content Management System. Such a system will allow you to, as the name suggests, manage and deal with the content on your website in an easier fashion.

Popular content management systems include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Those CMS’s are easy for a beginner and powerfully customizable. Thus enabling you to place on the internet exactly what you would like. Getting a managed hosting provider also gives you the option to optimise your hosting environment for your chosen CMS.

Thus an easy way to interpret the various aspects of getting a website is by getting yourself an address that you can be accessed at, your domain name. Getting yourself a house, your hosting

company and ultimately placing your furniture that is easily adjustable, your CMS.

Good luck on your new adventure!

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