How To Wear A Kilt For Every Occasion

There’s a new menswear trend that actually requires no pants. Kilts are taking over the menswear scene one pleat at a time. From Kanye West’s infamous leather look to shirtless, kilted yogis, you’ve seen them across the Internet on some of the world’s hottest men. So, why aren’t we seeing more men rocking these garments if they look so amazing? The reality is, not all men know how to wear a utility kilt, especially these newer kilts for men.

These contemporary styles aren’t hard to find either. Differio, trendy mens clothing website, sells the coolest collection of kilts great for any occasion on your agenda. With one of these styles, it’s easy to make kilts a part of your everyday wardrobe. Here’s how to wear a kilt for every occasion, so you can keep on kilting at any hour of the day.

1. The Casual Look:

A lot of men are replacing their jeans for a denim kilt, which looks absolutely amazing when it’s done right. Kilts are already statement pieces, so there’s need to over accessorize. You can add a baseball cap or sunglasses, but avoid anything excessively flashy. It’s all about keeping it simple and sticking with basics. Try a basic V-neck with high tops for a casual streetwear look.

2. The Office Look:

Yes, you can actually wear a kilt to work, and they look just as good as trousers with business casual pieces. If you’re choosing a mens plaid kilt, it’s best to stick with plain button-down shirts or basic polo shirts, so you’re not overwhelmed in different patterns. A shirt and tie is also a great combo paired with leather loafers or oxfords.

3. The Bar Look:

Want a comfortable nightlife look that’s still sexy enough for the bar? For the after-hours scene, this is the perfect opportunity to wear an edgy leather or military kilt. Finish the leather look with combat boots and a leather jacket. We promise you’re going get some names and numbers.

4. The Wedding Look:

It’s really not rocket science to figure out how to wear a kilt for special occasions because men have been pulling this look off for centuries. This is the perfect occasion to suit up with your finest blazer, button-down shirt and bow tie. It’s best to go with the classic tartan kilt for a black tie event. Pair with black leather shoes and knee-high socks for a more traditional look.

5. The St. Patrick’s Day Look

This seemed like a must because what other day is more appropriate for a kilt than on the holy grail of kilt holidays? This is one of the few days you can get away with wearing green from head to toe. Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite drink koozie.

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