Kinds of Kidney Stones


This is the main type of stone located in 50% of the individuals who suffer from kidney stone problem. For more information visit our website


Kidney stones generally found in persons who are getting excessive calcium especially in pill form. Individuals who are struggling from recurrent stone formation in kidney are more probably affected calcium stones.

Calcium & vitamins in tablet form tend to intensify kidney stone formation.

We all know that vitamins D is important in absorbing calcium. This is great for bones. But extreme absorption of vitamin D will only harm your health and fitness by producing Calcium stones.

If you are clinically diagnosed with these sorts of stones, then you should control the consumption of milk products, meat and poultry. Rather start taking low calcium higher fiber diet.

Allopurinal is verified to be the most efficient drug for calcium stone sufferers. Nevertheless if the drug shows any side effects in any of the affected individuals, then he/ she should stop taking the medications.

Acid Stones

Uric acid stones are a different common type discovered in kidney stone patients. This will happen when the urine has a high content level of uric acid or the uric acid is found in such a form which is effortlessly dissolvable in water.


Individuals having high risk of uric acid stones


Individuals who receive Chemotherapy therapy for curing cancer have more concentration of uric acidity in urine than normal individuals.

Individuals who live in hot & arid areas & one particular who do not consume atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water might have the chance of frequent dehydration. They will cause to low volume of urine output & thereby raise the risk of uric acid stones.

Individuals who have inflamation bowel problems or those who have the issue of chronic diarrhea have the problem of low pH urine & low volume of urine. This in turn will maximize the stone formation.


The individual suffering from uric acid stones will practical experience extreme pain & will also observe blood in urine like any other kinds of kidney stones. Hence a full diagnosis will only help in acknowledging the type of kidney stone. Generally uric acid stones will not be viewed in X-ray. A CT scan & 24 hours urine check is essential to identify the stone.

Therapy for uric acid stones

Uric acid stones although cause severe discomfort are not difficult to remove. Having adequate fluid along with raise in urine pH level is sufficient to pass uric stones. Generally shock wave therapies are not required for eliminating this type of stone.

How to avoid uric acid stones

Taking much more than 2 liters of normal water daily will help in avoiding uric acid stones. Fresh fruits will help in increasing the urine pH level by providing potassium bicarbonate or blood potassium citrate to the body.

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