Professional Arborist &Arboriculture in practiceof urban.

Arborist is (the) professional studies and puts the principles of Arboriculture in practice, science and art cultivation and care of urban trees; acts as consultant and supervisor in urban development projects; You know how to plan, design, manage and execute all types of work with trees in the city. His areas of work are: floods, medians, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, parks, gardens, urban forests, ranches and country residences, protected natural areas, residential units, universities, schools, colleges, public and private institutions, mausoleums, arboretums, botanical gardens, golf courses, mainly.

The (the) arborist working on genetic improvement projects; production and formation of urban trees in nurseries; selection of appropriate species for tree planting projects; planting and proper installation; fertilization and mulching or padding; transplantation of large species with latest techniques; rational pruning and felling, when necessary; placement of reinforcement systems and lightning rods trees; tree protection before, during and after construction; diagnosis and care of the health and safety of the tree and other plants; inventories urban wooded areas; management plans and maintenance programs; geographic information systems; training programs for technical and operational staff; appraisal and valuation trees eye damage; citizen participation programs.

Certified arborist is who after an examination obtains and maintains this recognition by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). The certified arborist with the ISA has signed a Code of Ethics which commits him to make the most appropriate procedures with trees, like a doctor what to do with people.

Every city, every town no matter how small must have its certified arborist. Find out more how to become a certified arborist.

The word comes arborist like the Latin word arbor tree is planted, so they say and write and not arborist. Also, the word arborist is already being used to define who is dedicated to the study of the family tree of people.

Virtually no schools of arboriculture in our countries. The (the) arborist studies and updates on their own, are trained by attending courses and trains every day; this also allows you to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for recertification every three years.

“CERT Today” presents the current state at different levels of certification ISA Arborists. Arboriculture is a new profession in our environment that offers the opportunity to develop who exercise their ingenuity, originality, physical and intellectual ability, like all their creativity; filled with great satisfaction to be dealing with the larger, long-lived, helpful and wonderful life on the planet; business and money come in addition.

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