Put Your Construction Toys to Work and Build a Working Remote Control Harbor City

When you think about building a remote control city layout why not make it a large port-of-call city sitting on the harbor? And why not increase the fun you have by using Toprace construction toys to create that city?

A scale model city gives hours of fun to the top race enthusiast. You get so wrapped up in driving your radio control construction vehicles around the city that time quickly escapes you.

And when your kids or grandkids come to drive around town too, the pleasure grows even larger, doesn’t it?

During those city-planning stages why not go all out, and design a commercial hub city? That way you’re set up for using all the different models you own. Invite your remote control hobby friends to an afternoon RC adventure. Think about how much fun you’ll all have during a get together like that.

First you’ll use the RC excavator to dig out the bed for the harbor.

Make your harbor deep enough for the large military ships. Build a secured dock section for the navy. Those sailors don’t like to park their warships in the public areas. Create a special dock or two in the military area for submarines to give yourself more activity options from your finished project.

Design an area for a marina where pleasure boats can tie up. You’ll need space for the cabin cruisers, sailing yachts, fishing, and racing boats.

Set up a warehouse area for cargo shipping. What working harbor is complete without a warehouse area and cargo docks?

Don’t forget your city’s public services. You need boathouses for the fire and police boats.

Once you dig your harbor bed send the excavators to dig the foundation for your city. Make sure you form areas for everything you’ll build.

  • Level a space for the airport.
  • Measure out, and dig, the foundations for downtown skyscrapers, shops, restaurants, parking garages, and event arenas.
  • Set aside the space you need for a racing event center with an oval, and a drag strip.
  • Plan for your major sports events with football, baseball, and hockey stadiums.
  • Then prepare the outlying areas for residential neighborhoods.
  • Be sure to lay out your roads as you set up your city design.

As you dig up the dirt with the excavators dump it into the waiting radio control dump trucks. Haul the dirt away with the dump trucks to staging areas for later use.

When the dump trucks get behind pile the dirt into hills. Use the front loaders to scoop that dirt up and fill the dump trucks as they return for new loads.

After the excavators finish their work use the front loaders to level the land where needed in preparation for pouring the foundations of your buildings, runways, and racetracks.

Haul in all your building materials with your RC semi-trucks, and use your forklifts to off load the semi cargo to the work site.

Deliver, and pour, the concrete for your foundations with the cement trucks.

Position your construction materials into place with your cranes.

When you have a working harbor city model you’ll dream up all types of activities to make your radio control toy fun last for hours.

Collect a variety of radio control toys, and give the kids a thrill. Put your imagination to work, and create a family hobby that lasts for years.

You get all the playtime you’ll ever want, and it all starts with Toprace construction toys. Visit toprace.com for more information on construction toys.

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