Residential or Commercial Locksmith, Which Should You Hire?

Locksmithing is known to be a very old profession that started as far back as the 13th century where the locksmith was to fabricate the full lock which usually took so many hours of hard work and much work filing. Nowadays, the locks that are produced require lesser locksmith action because they are mass produced. Locksmiths today work in institutions, commercial establishments, or several warehouses and businesses. There are different fields of specialization such as safe technicians, automotive lock specialists which could be categorized into residential locksmith or commercial locksmith. However, most of the locksmiths available are versatile to handle almost any locksmith job.

The role of a residential locksmith
Have you mistakenly locked yourself outside your home or car? Do you need to do some upgrading to your home’s security? Then the right professional to attend to you is the residential locksmith. A residential locksmith is also needed when it comes to jobs like rekeying, which involves the removing the inner workings of a lock and using a different key cut as a replacement.
There are also cases where a door lock in any part of your house gets broken or doesn’t work again; the residential locksmith would be the best person to put the lock back in shape. Do you have locks on your windows that just got broken? You need the nearest residential locksmith to handle this as well.
If you have a broken patio door locks due to consistent use, you need to call a residential locksmith to fix it for you. This will prevent burglars finding their way into your home. Also, if you need to padlock certain areas of the home, you also need the services of the residential locksmith.
In summary, the residential locksmith has a very large role to play mainly in the security of the home and shouldn’t be handled by any other type of locksmith, if you want to avoid any form of a security breach in your home.

The role of a commercial locksmith
A commercial locksmith is a major player in the security of commercial properties and businesses. When it comes to electronic lock servicing such as key creation of transponder-equipped vehicles, a commercial locksmith would be needed to take care of this. Big establishments also require the services of the commercial locksmith for their vital security installations which include the use of access control systems which are for protecting staffs and properties.
Other areas where a commercial locksmith would be needed are Panic bars, Master key systems, filing cabinets, automatic bars, commercial safes, and vaults.

Why you need to call the right locksmith
Before calling a locksmith, it is important to know the right one so you can get the desired results. Some locksmiths might want to play a fast one on you by trying to make you believe they can handle any locksmith job type. Although a lot of locksmiths are versatile when it comes to the job, it is still necessary you call a residential locksmith to handle your residential security needs while a commercial locksmith should be hired to take care of business and commercial security needs. Doing otherwise could cost you money and waste your time because you won’t get the desired results you need.

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