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With the move to Electronic digital TV, right around the corner, a lot of are making the decision regarding improving their TV service. The question now is what. Satellite television or Cable. We here at Digital Landing try & answer some typical question for all those ready to make the leap

Q: What is satellite Television service? How very much does it cost?

Satellite TV service receives its TV signals from satellites in orbit. Simply because they stay in the similar position relative to the earth’s surface area at all times, as soon as a satellite antenna (generally, a dish of some kind) is effectively aimed, it can be eventually left as-is thereafter.

Satellite signals are broadcast from a ground station to numerous satellites, which then broadcast all those signals back to the earth throughout huge expanses of territory.

Anyone with a satellite television dish (the antenna), plus the good signal processing gear (a set-top box of some sort, generally called a satellite receiver, is needed for each TV set on which you want to enjoy the provider’s programming) that can “see” a satellite television can pick up the signal.

A single antenna can feed several satellite receivers, but a actual physical cable is routed from the antenna to each and every receiver (within the house, both cable & satellite TV need cables for each and every TV set).

Satellite companies control access to their systems by including special encryption & encoding in their signals & tightly handling the equipment that can read as well as play back those signals, to avoid unauthorized users from tuning in & obtaining free TV service. For more information visit

Satellite Television service costs differ, primarily based to the channels that members elect to pay for. That said, both DirecTV & Dish Network (the two primary satellite television providers in North America) offer basic deals for $20 to $25 per month. Add-on options for HDTV, sports and movies channels.

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