Smoothies for weight loss


The importance of Smoothies for weight loss is very important given that it is a source of energy and fiber that we can not pass up when starting a diet to lose weight

That is why in this article I am going to talk about some recipes to make smoothies to lose weight. The most important thing is that I will give you the properties of fruits and not so much a recipe that you are going to do without knowing what you are taking or what you are ingesting. That is why I will focus more on the properties of the fruits with which you are going to make your smoothies

Cranberry Smoothie

The cranberry fruit is known because it contains many antioxidants which makes this fruit that is very beneficial for our health and is the ideal fruit to prevent several types of cancer. In addition to that it helps us to give war to the accumulation of fat. In addition to controlling hypertension also helps us lower cholesterol and is also an ally to fight fat cells. It is also an excellent ally to remove fat from our abdomen

Banana Smoothie

The banana smoothie also in some places is known as abaca… it is a fiber and potassium carrier is one of the fruits that helps us to lose weight. But we must take into account that the banana contains many sugars therefore we have to control banana consumption. One thing I want to add is that this fruit has a lot of vitamin B6 which will help us strengthen the immune system and is an ally to avoid getting heart disease

The Kiwi Smoothie

Generally the kiwi is not taken into account in Smoothies because in many countries this fruit is very expensive and in other cases this fruit does not reach some countries and that is why I have seen that it is not included but in this article I want to include it if You have a way to get or if your nearest supermarket supplies.

This fruit I want has special properties … since it is very rich in fiber. It also helps you to have a good digestion and also gives us that feeling of being satisfied at the time of eating and that is why I include it in this article of Smoothies to lose weight for the element of feeling we can combine it with other Fruits to help you in those times of eating anxiety

Grapefruit Smoothie

Grapefruit in some countries is known as Citrus Paradasi and in Latin America is generally known as Toronja. Grapefruit helps us fight the excess fat since it contains very few calories and best of all is that if you have or acquire the habit of eating half a grapefruit before eating this will help you lose weight. So do not hesitate to make a grapefruit liqueur before the meal

Strawberry smoothie

Many people are incredulous to think that strawberries can help you lose weight but I want to tell you that strawberries help us promote the production of a hormone that helps us to remove fat. It increases the metabolism and we can consume it in a controlled way and complementing it with a balanced diet.

It is known that strawberries have anti-inflammatory properties

The form of preparation of the smoothies are:

Add the fruit in half a cup

Add a cup of ice

Add a glass of alkaline water

2 tablespoons of honey

You can combine the fruits to your liking

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