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From the product description, it looks like the Premium Floor-standing Patio Heater from ThermoTiki has got all the bells and whistles. But do these features deliver what they’re set out to do? In this review, we provide a detailed, yet concise look at this unit.


Key Features and Benefits

Review of the ThermoTiki Floor-Standing Propane Tabletop Patio Heater Among the impressive features of this propane patio heater include the following:

  • Infrared heating element for efficient and comfortable heating,
  • Built-in safety valve that automatically shuts the unit off when it tips,
  • Approximately runs for 10 hours given a 20-lb. propane tank
  • Single variable-heat knob for easy and simple operation, and
  • ANSI-, CE-, and CSA-compliant.


When you unbox your package, you should also see the following:

  • LPG regulator
  • Flexible hose
  • Weatherproof head and element cover


Consumer Feedback and Rating

It appears that buyers had no problem with the assembly, saying that it came with easy instructions to work with.

There are opposing feedback as regards the unit’s heating capacity. The description says that it can heat up to a 15-foot diameter, and some buyers seem to agree. According to one, the ThermoTiki Floor-Standing Propane Patio Heater “puts out as much heat as a fire.” But others, though, don’t agree.

One buyer said that the fire cover that comes with it looks “very cheap.” And while the wheels provide excellent maneuverability, caution must be made as the heater can be somewhat unstable during the movement process.

  • Bottom-line

If you’re looking for an inexpensive floor-standing outdoor patio heater, consider the Premium Floor-Standing Propane Heater from ThermoTiki. It is easy to install and lights up fairly quickly. But although some buyers are impressed with its performance, consider what others have to say — that it may not put out the heat you’d expect.

Patio heaters come in at least two types. The most common of them is the floor-standing type, which is a heater with a base and can be moved from one place to another. Another type is called a parasol patio heater, so-called because it is attached to an umbrella or suspended from a gazebo. An example of a parasol outdoor.

AZ Tabletop Patio Heateris one of the most popular brands of outdoor heaters today. The company’s products not only have a distinct look, but they also come in several varieties. One of AZ’s bestselling outdoor heaters is the HLDSO-WGTHG, a stand-alone heater with a hammered bronze finish and a quartz glass tube. Here, we give you our analysis and review.

Judging from the above-stated consumer feedback and rating, the AZ Patio Heaters HLDSO-WGTHG is best for warmer climate areas where at night, it can become a bit chilly, or places where it’s chilly at night but not windy enough to tip this heater over. You may need help with the assembly.

You’ll probably get a Palm Springs canopy for your outdoor party needs. But did you know that this brand also has a patio heater that you can purchase? This propane patio heater comes in a hammered bronze exterior, which we’ll feature here visit

  • When it comes to features, you can say that the Palm Springs Patio Heater is no different than most of what we’ve featured in this review site. So the obvious question is, should you buy this heater? In this Palm Springs patio heater review, we give you our recommendation.

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