The Benefits of Training with Weighted Vest

Weight vests are heavy just as is their name. These vests are worn over the torso and provide varying amounts of resistance, thanks to the fact that a lot of them are designed to add or remove weighted bars as needed. These vests are used to do different type of exercises such as jogging, push-ups, rope climbing and many more. It is much more beneficial to do exercises while wearing the weight vests some of which are as follows: Best Weighted Vest Benefits of Training

  • Fitness: Fitness is the primary thing which is your motto or desire for which you are wearing weight vests while working out. Before doing resistance exercises it is very important to have a perfect fitness level of your body. So before directly going out on the heavy weight vests first try with the lighter ones. If they do best for you then move to the next ones.
  • Design: Design of the weighted vest is very important because it is directly related to the intensity, duration and movements of each workout. They also decide whether you should wear a weighted vest or not. Because let’s consider you already are doing a hard exercise then you might not want to have an extra weight added to your exercise routine. Besides, you want to focus on your technique, body position and bar path and wearing a vest are only going to throw you off. And obviously you won’t like to do that. However still if you are interested in adding weighted vests to your routine then only a single is suggested in this case. In any case you may first need to talk to your coach about your entire plan.
  • Weight: Adding weight to the vest is very important in regard that how much weight is being added. Because if one is wearing the weighted vest for the first time then adding 5lbs would be enough. By adding more weight than this can cause strain in your knees and can put difficulty in your regular workout. And once your body gets used too of wearing this much weight then you can plan to move next and add up some extra weight to your weighted vest.

The benefits of training with a weighted vest include the increase of strength and endurance of the muscles and body. Training with a weighted vest also provides the body a great variation from its normal default routine because adding up weight in the workout will make your body flexible enough towork with extra energy. Another very beneficial thing that weighted vest is going to provide is the good cardiovascular health.The cardiovascular system has to go into overdrive as a result to the added resistance, strengthening the lungsand their lactate threshold.Beside this weighted vest can also add up to the musculoskeletal strength of your body’s bone and muscles. This is done by the weight which is in the vest, because the extra loading may result in raised bone mass by stimulating cells known as osteoblasts to put down new bone material in response to the pull being placed on your skeleton.


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