The History of Home Security

Back in the day, home security was not even thought of. People left their doors and windows unlocked and open without a thought or care in the world that someone was going to come in and take something, or rob them, or worse. It was just a much more relaxed time frame at that point. But now, people lock their doors and have electronic systems that monitor everything from when someone delivers a package and you can see them at the door outside, to ones that connect so you can see it via your phone. It’s amazing what they do; now let’s explore how we got here.

When Did It All Start?

Traditional alarm systems, that included more than a deadbolt and a lock, started after the conclusion of World War I, when people weren’t so focused on war, but they were focused on breaking into homes. Companies and insurance companies got in the game. Now they started with people called “door shakers” who did exactly what it states, they went around in the middle of the night and tried people’s doors to see if they were locked. But they also had once that were connected to a bell with sensors on the windows and doors and were monitored by a company who sent a guard if the alarm was tripped.

Video systems weren’t on the scene until around the 1970’s as an actual system for the home, but they came about in an interesting way. If you haven’t read “1984” by George Orwell, it was about watching the world, and it’s kind of creepy in that sense but it was the beginning of what was to come; which is what we are accustomed to now.

Upgraded Systems

Systems now not only include an alarm, that can be activated from anywhere via your phone, but they also now include a multitude of other features, one of them being a fire alarm and some with carbon monoxide detectors as well. Fire alarms came into existence when a researcher from Canada stated that these were life saving devices, which includes photoelectric and ionization readers that can tell if there is just smoke or heat as well. New technology can even tell you if it’s a false alarm or if it is real where the location of the fire is, and it will tell you in an actual human voice. Could you imagine how great this would be for a family upstairs and they are told the fire is in the basement; at least they can get out the front door to safety.

Alarm systems are extremely up to date now, with motion detectors, cameras, web enabled, battery backup (will work even when the power is out), you can control your lights and thermostat, water levels (such as flooding) and lock the house/garage, and they come from places such as dedicated alarm companies, and even phone/TV companies such as Comcast/Xfinity. It’s really amazing how far they have come to protect people. Insurance companies will give a discount if you are using one, and you can really feel secure, especially when you can see your home and you children in it safe and sound. Plus, instead of just sending out a guard, they are sending the police or fire, depending on the situation. Security systems have advanced ten-fold, and the future is poised to be great in this arena.

We would like to thank Prestige Locksmith for the advice and information in order to write this blog post. Without your guidance and wonderful friendship it would not be possible. Thank you.

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