Tips to Ensure Mosquitoes Don’t Ruin Your Special Occasion

There is always something special about outdoor weddings, birthday parties and other special events as the combination of warm weather, fresh air and lush, green surroundings always make an event more magical. Of course, hosting an outdoor event isn’t without challenges and sometimes it seems that Mother Nature will do whatever it can to spoil your big day.

The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to prepare ahead of time. Unfortunately, while most people plan for possibilities like rain, most forget about the problem that pests can pose to your event. However, the truth is that having your party crashed by hordes of uninvited mosquitoes can ruin the occasion just as quickly as rain. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consider adding a special occasion mosquito treatment on to your party planning list. In this way, you’ll give yourself a much better chance of ensuring your guests don’t spend the evening slapping and scratching away because of pests.

How Does a Special Occasion Mosquito Treatment Work?
With this type of treatment, a professional pest control expert will usually show up somewhere between 24 and 48 hours before the party in order to fully treat the surrounding area with pesticides. Most pest control companies use what’s known as a barrier mosquito treatment, which is designed to provide long-lasting protection to ensure that the entire event area remains free of mosquitoes and other biting or stinging insects throughout the duration of the party.

The barrier treatment generally dries in under half an hour, which means there’s no need to worry about the pesticides harming your family or pets should you be holding the event in your backyard. Similarly, those setting up for the event will also be unaffected. This is especially true when you use a certified pest control agency as then you can be guaranteed that any pesticides used will be EPA approved. As the pesticide dries quickly and is applied well in advance of your event, there is also no reason to worry that your food or serving ware might be contaminated.

Prevention is Important
In addition to having a mosquito barrier treatment applied a day or two prior to your event, it’s also a good idea to eliminate any potential breeding areas long in advance. Although this may not be possible if you’re renting a venue, it’s definitely something you’ll want to do if at all possible.

In this case, the key is to make sure that there is no standing water anywhere on or around the property. Mosquito larvae require standing water into order to grow and transform into adults, which means that those pesky pests won’t be able to lay their eggs on your property if you successfully eliminate all sources of standing water. That being said, some species can fly for several miles, which means that this method alone won’t be enough to ensure your special event is completely mosquito free.

Preparing for an outdoor event is never easy as there are a huge number of things that could potentially go wrong. Nonetheless, by taking the time to prepare the event area and apply a mosquito barrier treatment, you can at least check mosquitoes off the list of things that could ruin your event.

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