Understanding the Basics of Key Cutting for Beginners

If you are new to the locksmith profession or want to learn how they operate you need to start from the basics. The most basic thing to know is the art of key cutting. The process requires adequate training and knowledge for the locksmith to be able to learn the art of key cutting. The article below will serve as a comprehensive guide for you if you are new to the key cutting business. Read on to know more about it…

The first thing that a beginner needs to know is the formation of the key. Each key has a specific design that should be copied on a blank key with the help of a flat blade. The design of the duplicate key should exactly match the one of the original to make them identical. There are various machines that the locksmith service will use to effectively provide the job. Let’s have a look at those machines and know how they work.

Manual Key Cutting Machine

The manual machine for key cutting is used by the locksmith to manually design the pattern of the original key on the blank one by holding both the keys together. Such machines are not used to design complex keys i.e. transportation key, locker keys etc. These machines are best suited for cutting standard house keys.

Automatic Key Cutting Machine

Automatic machines, as depicted by the name, cut the key automatically. It reduces the manual work and is far less time-consuming. They key using an automatic machine is cut by the following procedure. Both the keys are placed on the different grips for the purpose of tracing the design of one onto the other. The process of cutting keys is more expensive than the manual one; however, it is more preferred as it is quick and the accuracy level is high.

Laser Key Cutting Machine

Laser machines have lasers in place of blades to cut the keys. Their process of working is similar to that of automatic machines; however, they can come in handy to create dimples on the key surface which cannot be created with automatic machines.

Code Key Cutting Machine

The fully automated code machines are the new innovation in key cutting machines. You don’t have to supervise them during the process as they understand the pattern of the key using the code. These codes can be entered into the machine either manually or through a card. The machine then understands the code and creates a new key automatically, without the need of any supervision, with the same pattern and design that the original key has.

Another vital thing that a beginner locksmith needs to do is to test the key multiple times before handing it back to the customers for complete assurance. A beginner locksmith should cut keys that are not complex i.e. first level security keys, safe keys, household keys, window lock keys etc. There are various professional institutes that are offering crash courses on key cutting techniques, if you feel this is the right profession for you, enroll yourself in such a course and learn the techniques in a professional manner for brushing up your skills.

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