What’s the difference between 300 / 3,000 / 30,000 dollars watch ?

Why is that everyone recommend only watch worth more than 300 dollars watch, but 100 dollars Tissot mechanical watch just work fine !!?
There’s a hot topic: what are the products a bit expensive but worth to buy ? Which recommended watches are all more than 300 dollars, WHY ? What’s the difference from 100-dollar watches ?
Turns out, this question could be extended to – the difference between watches with different prices ?

Now a day, watch is not just a commodity, but become a luxury goods. The price of luxury goods is mostly composed by two main parts, one is the value of the commodity itself, and other one is the value of the brand.

Since it’s called a luxury goods, the value of the brand must be greater than the watch itself.
Luxury watches have a regular principle called “one dollar for product, ten dollars for brands.”

The cost structure of luxury goods is just a mystery, but we make a guess.
For example, a watch more around 3K, 20 percent of taxes, 20 percent of the agent profits, 20 percent for PR work, and last 20 percent for brand corp…

The most expensive part of watch production is the machine depreciation, a precision CNC machine cost six digits, each movement amortize the cost down to 300+ dollars, if plus gold shell / watch cover, watch strap, package boxes and other accessories, the real cost… …

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In this case, the value of watch itself, after tax, agency profits, PR cost, enlarge the brand profits, it makes the leverage effect. Simply put this way, the price increasing is much greater than the magnitude of cost increasing. Each little modification on watch movement, drives significant price change.

Expensive watch is relatively better quality than cheap one, more stable movement, more durable, higher precision, stronger mechanical beauty…

Which kind your mechanical watch is ?

Mechanical watches are actually handicrafts, just like jade carvings and wood carvings, hand-model kind of stuff.
Who collected jade carving, wood carving, hand-model may well understand the value of mechanical watches, it’s nothing but the visual impact from design, and exquisite process.

For example

That’s right ! Mechanical watch can be just good-looking. But compare to the same as the quartz watch, more functional, and practical.

a lot of people put mechanical watches and quartz watches, even smart watches and mechanical watches to be compared, and concluded some ridiculous questions or answers, probably they are just out of positioning the value of mechanical watches and understanding.

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