Why Is Everyone Talking About Hibiscus Flower Tea?

In the United States, hibiscus flower tea was made popular in 1972 by the tea company Celestial Seasonings under the brand of ‘Red Zinger.’

Hibiscus Flower Tea is a Cultural Staple All Around the World

Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia, Haiti, Hawaii and South Korea.  For centuries, hibiscus flower tea has been a part of many different countries cultures due to its wealth of healing powers. The interesting part, though, is that out of the many countries that use hibiscus flower tea as part of their culture, they all use it for different reasons. In Cuba, they ignore the flower and calyxes and use the green leaves to make a tea which soothes the nervous system. Tea made from the Calyxes in Egypt is used as a diuretic and to treat cardiac and nerve diseases. In Iran, hibiscus flower tea is made sour to treat high blood pressure.

It is Portrayed in Popular Culture

Almost every movie which is set in a tropical country shows a shot of a girl with flowers in her hair. The flower is nearly always a hibiscus and what is portrayed on television is often what makes something popular regardless of its form.  A new example of hibiscus shown in popular culture is in the newest Disney movie Moana. Furthermore, since celebrities like Geri Halliwell have been seen sipping herbal teas in the media, many women are swapping their traditional tea for herbal tea such as hibiscus flower tea. According to a market analyst Taylor Nelson Sofres, the sales of normal tea has dipped by as much as a third in the past five years, whereas the sale of herbal tea like hibiscus flower tea has increased by 10%.

Hibiscus Flower Tea Has Many Health Benefits Including Cancer Fighting Properties

The health benefits of hibiscus include but are not limited to relief from the immune system, inflammatory problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and digestive issues. It can be used to help cure liver disease and has anti-cancer properties. It can also speed up the metabolism and help in healthy, gradual weight loss. hibiscus flower tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, and numerous antioxidants, while also helping in the treatment of and anxiety, depression and diabetes.

Low in Calories

Hibiscus is used in food and drink for its fruity and lemony tart flavor.  Its taste is often likened to cranberry or pomegranate. An 8-ounce glass of the brightly colored hibiscus flower tea, which is most often made from the calyxes, contains no calories or sugar at all. In contrast, an 8-ounce glass of unsweetened cranberry juice contains a whopping 104 calories and 27g of sugar. If you swap your morning glass of fruit juice for a cup of hibiscus flower tea which is delicious hot or cold, you could lose about a pound a week.


Over the last few years, much research has been done in the United States and the rest of the world into hibiscus flower tea and its healing properties. There have been studies on everything from the claim it lowers blood pressure, treats symptoms of depression and anxiety, acts as a weight loss aid, helps digestion and constipation to its ability to fight both melanoma and leukemia. All the studies seem to have had good results, suggesting that it has been so popular due to its credibility.

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